About Me

I am a software engineer living and working in Copenhagen. I work as an independent consultant / developer through my company crafted bits. I am good at learning new tools and technologies, this has allowed me to develop software using a wide range of different technologies. I find it very important to always use the tools best suited for a particular job.

I enjoy well structured code, and always try to combine additions and alterations with refactoring of existing code to keep the code lean and well structured.

I hold a Master of Science in Engineering degree from The Technical University of Denmark. I received my degree in october 2008 when I defended my master thesis titled Improved User Perceived Performance Through Client-State Aware Gateway that discusses a methods for improving the experience of browsing the web on a connection with low bandwidth and high latency(cellular data connection anyone?). My studies has revolved mainly around computer science but with some electronical engineering here and there.

In my spare time I enjoy reading and an occasional game of squash. Furthermore I love living and traveling with my wonderful wife Louise.


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